“ Life at home was my dad, mum and my three sisters. You could say I had a heavy woman influence from a young age. I wasn’t really interested in things that other kids were interested in.They were interested in football, and I was… more creative. It would be like 3 in the morning, and I’d be singing full power at the top of my voice, my sister’d be banging on the wall going “Shut up, you can’t even sing! Go to sleep!”. That was kind of, I guess, where… the dream started. ”


"I haven’t had that much trouble coming out since 1997." (x)

So I went daydreamin’
With my chin in the palm of my hands
About you, you, and only you
Got me daydreamin’

I love me some #demilovato partying and dancing @elevennightclub #plasticfantastic with me. She’s so sweet and inspirational. She twerks like a #gayboy #turntup #party #weho #nightlife
Nina Dobrev at Coachella 2014